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 On Site Soil Screening & Top Soil Spreading Services in Swindon

 Using a specifically designed bucket on our excavators, we are able to 'screen' soil to remove debris to leave clean useable topsoil.


41-3 & screening bucket

                              Turn this                                                  Into this

Turn thisInto this

The soil to be screened does not need to be in a stockpile for us to screen; for example, if there is an area of soil that you would like screened e.g. an allotment plot, we can excavate the soil on the plot to break it up and create small piles which then allows us to place the soil back in the ground as we screen it

Key features

1. Removes:

  • Roots
  • Turf
  • Stones bigger than 20mm
  • Litter


2. When fitted to our mini excavator can access and work within virtually any site e.g. back gardens, urban sites

3. Ideal for re-instatement works as large material and sharp objects are removed from the soil.

4. Can be used for mixing/treating soil e.g. mix soil with sand to improve drainage or add compost/manure to soil.

Key benefits to you

  • Minimises traffic entering and leaving the site - ideal in urban areas
  • Allows recycling on site - save paying for muck away and buying in topsoil.
  • Waste can create useable materials e.g. stone for use as hardcore.


Here is a short clip of the soil screening bucket in action, please take a look:



Top soil spreading/leveling

Not all sites require soil screening or have soil that is suitable, this is not a problem as we can supply, distribute and level new topsoil to prepare your site, whatever your requirements we are happy to help. All you need to do is give us a call. We work alongside clients across Swindon.

 Top soil spreading

Topsoil spreading