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Earthmoving Services


Site Clearance, leveling and Shaping Services in Swindon

Whether a small back garden or large plot of land, no matter what the size, you cannot truly see what space you have until you clear the ground and create a blank canvas to work from. 

Earthmoving services can offer the following:

  • Clear concrete, walls, earth, vegetation, bushes, hedges and other debris to expose the soil
  • Trim hedges and shrubs to tidy them up rather than remove them
  • Break up and remove exisiting foundations and hardstandings from the ground
  • Level the site to make it safe to access
  • Regrade and profile the land to create a useful space or a unique feature
  • Arrange removal of all debris created

How many of the above services you require is entirely up to you, itemised estimates are available to allow you to see the costs of each of the tasks, allowing you to decide on which are cost effective for you.

If you wish to discuss your requirements for site clearance or groundworks in Swindon, why not get in touch?


 "Totally professional service, Steve was polite at all times and very receptive, taking care to understand my plans. More than meeting my expections. I have no hestitation in recommending him."  - Mrs C. Millichip

Please see below to take a look of some example of our recent clearance and shaping projects:



Below is a short video showing the final leveling, grading and shaping stages of a project: